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The length of the wedding gown for any bride is determined by multiple factors. Some of the decision comes down to simple personal choice — different brides have different preferences and their own ideas about what looks good on them. However, there are other external factors that also should be considered for choosing the proper wedding gown length. These include the venue for the wedding, the time of the year and even the time of the day when the wedding will take place. All these factors will help determine the right length of wedding gown a bride should choose for her ceremony.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of wedding gown lengths that are available.

Ballerina length dress

This length of this dress is just above the ankle and it is mostly a full figured dress. This dress is very ideal in an outdoor wedding setting for easier movement of the bride. A ballerina is ideal for a fun-loving bride who likes to explore.

Floor length dress

This dress almost touches the floor on all sides. This length is versatile because it can be designed to a full figure dress and at the same time a straight dress is also perfect. A floor length dress can be worn in a ballroom wedding setting.


The length of this dress is between the knee and ankle. This dress is perfect for a very casual wedding because it is different from the traditionally wedding gown. Brides who want something different can choose this kind of dress.

Ankle length dress

The length of this dress is exactly at the ankle hence the name ankle length. An ankle length dress is perfect for a semi-formal wedding. A bride who wants to show off their shoes and feel comfortable can go for this kind of dress. The dress can be designed as a straight or a full dress.

Knee length gown
The length of this gown is just below the knee. It is suitable for a very casual wedding where the bride wants to feel free. A knee length dress is very uncommon and it seen as a gown for adventurous and daring brides who want to shift from the common norm.

Miniskirt gown

This is even for most daring and sassy bride. The length of this gown is above the knee and very few brides go for this option. This gown is suitable for a very casual wedding event. A mini skirt gown can be worn by a bride during an evening event or as an after-party gown.

Tea length gown

The length of this gown ends at the shin and it is seen as the most conservative wedding gown. This gown is the traditional wedding gown length that majority of the brides all over the world prefer and it can be used for both casual and formal wedding ceremonies.

With various lengths of wedding gowns available brides are now free to choose from the wide variety. Unlike in the past where brides were restricted to the traditional floor length or tea length gown brides can now go out of the box to select a gown that suits their needs. Designers have even made custom gowns that flatter the various body types of women in all of these aforementioned lengths.


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