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wedding accessories in Raleigh

Your wedding day is nigh, and you can’t help but feel butterflies in your stomach in anticipation for the day you exchange vows with your significant other. You have adequately prepared for the reception and all that remains now is to ensure that you step out of your house to the wedding venue looking like a princess. This is your day, and it’s obvious that all focus will be on you. Now that you have your dream wedding gown ready, you must incorporate the perfect bridal accessories to accentuate your look.

The right accessories will enhance the beauty of your wedding dress. With so many accessories to choose from, it can be quite daunting choosing the right one. How do you go about coming up with the perfect finishing touches to your gown? The following tips will come in handy in helping you make the ultimate decision:

Match your accessories

The jewelry that you choose to buy should match the color of your gown. For example, if you have an ivory dress, it will perfectly match with gold accessories. If you decide to put on a pure white dress, go for platinum accent. Diamond-white dresses will match well with rose gold, pearls, silver and yellow gold. Finally, if the gown of your choice is embellished with beadwork, the accessory colors should be dictated upon the beadwork.

Have only the necessary accessories

The main aim of accessories is to accentuate your overall appearance and beauty. However, if the type of gown you have is embellished with beadwork, it may not be such a good idea to wear too many accessories. You should choose accessories based on the features of your gown. For example, ornate neckline gowns rhyme well with drop earrings as opposed to a necklace. Also, dresses with simple styles look elegant with fascinator or bold statement necklace.

Choosing earrings

The choice of earrings should be based on your hairstyle. Small studs or drops are perfect if you intend to leave your hair down over the ears. Chandelier danglers are great for an updo hairstyle.

Choosing a veil

There are many veils ranging from cathedral-length styles to flirty birdcages to ornate mantillas. When choosing the right veil, you should bear the following in mind:

  • It should match the shade of your gown
  • If you have a backless gown, go for the sheer veil as opposed to the two-layered tulle veil
  • For ladies with a petite frame, floor length or longer waltz veils should be the ideal choice while taller ladies should go for elbow-length/fingertip veils.

A simple way to do this is to buy a sash or a belt. This is the easiest way of customizing your gown without the need to splash a lot of cash for such an alteration. You can either settle for a metallic leather belt or a classic satin sash. However, settle for one that complements your body type and gown and doesn’t exceed 3 inches in width.

Choosing the bridal shoes

Choose a killer pair of shoes that complements your perfect gown but at the same tie makes you comfortable. Remember that you will be required to be on your feet, and you do not want to cringe in pain all this while. Go for shoes made of natural material, supports your feet and is of the moderate heel.

Other important accessories include a handbag, gloves, and headpiece. Ensure that they all complement the dress to give you the polished from head-to-toe look that you want on your most special day.




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