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We are in love with the Allure Women collection. This plus-sized line lives up to the lofty design standard set by the Allure Bridal and Allure Couture collections.

Allure Women, style W314: Our featured dress (pictured above) is a romantic ball gown created from layers of soft organza. The ruched bodice features a sweetheart neckline with Swarovski crystal and pearl brooch accent. Available sizes: 14-32. Available colors: White/Silver, Ivory/Silver.

If you’re a full-figured beauty preparing for your wedding gown search, you may be looking for a few helpful hints to get you started. The folks over at have some good suggestions related to fabric that you might find interesting. Check it out:
Go with the flow

Plus-size women should consider choosing a wedding dress that’s made of fabrics that flow. Think: chiffon and certain types of silks. These types of fabrics allow your dress to move with you, but at the same time it also accentuates your curves.

Quality is key

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a plus-size wedding dress is the quality of the fabric. Though it may be more expensive, quality fabrics will give your wedding dress a better construction, which will then give you a flattering and stylish structured gown. Continue reading at

Allure Women, style W271: This A-line gown features beautiful cap sleeves, V-neckline, and a satin band at the empire waist with sparkling crystals. The entire dress is accented by delicate lace applique. Available sizes: 14-32. Available colors: White, Ivory.

Embrace Your Curves and Your Unique Self

We know that even at the best of times it can be tricky to tackle body image issues; however, we pride ourselves on making every bride’s dress shopping experience joyful and memorable. Trust us with your true feelings — we are here to support and encourage you every step of the way. Tell your bridal consultant what you like and what you aren’t so crazy about when it comes to your body. Look for assistants who are plus size wedding dress experts. They will help you find the dress that highlights your best assets and downplays the things you’re not keen on. has some dress and design do’s and don’ts for plus-sized brides that’s worth looking at. See what you think:
Do: Look for ruching

“Anything with ruching can be very forgiving, regardless of your shape or height,” advises Hall. “It also helps to add support and gives the dress more structure.” In particular, look for dresses that are ruched in an asymmetrical pattern — for instance gathered on one side of the dress. “That pattern brings the eyes up to the face and creates a vertical shape to the gown,” says Hall.

Don’t: Go for a piece-meal gown

“Avoid gowns that look pieced together. For example, the bodice is one style and then the hip or skirt is a completely different fabric or texture. Different shapes or fabrics that don’t transition smoothly can visually cut the body in unflattering ways,” explains Hall. “It doesn’t mean the whole gown has to be the same fabric, but make sure each section segues fluidly and flows together.”

Don’t: Go for flimsy fabrics

Avoid thin fabrics such as silk charmeuse or chiffon, which just skim the body and can magnify every little detail, says Hall. But other than that, feel free to go for anything: “Taffeta, organza, lace, and duchess satin are all very flattering for plus-size brides.”

Do: Choose something that reflects your personality

“If there’s ever a time that a bride has to wear something that she loves when it comes to fashion, it should be on her wedding day,” encourages Hall. “Every shape, embellishment, and detail comes in plus size, so if you want to have ruffles, bows, flowers, or beading — go for it!” The only rule to keep in mind? Look for something that’s asymmetrical, which is not only more flattering, but more artistic as well.

Allure Women, style W396: Sheer illusion netting over satin creates an ethereal silhouette at the neckline and back of this lace sheath. Available sizes: 14-32. Available colors: Gold/Ivory/Nude/Silver, Ivory/Nude/Silver, Gold/Ivory/Silver, Ivory/Silver, White/Silver.

Foundation Garments

The correct shapewear and foundation garments will dramatically influence your final look. Some fabrics will hide your undergarments better than others — we will remind you of this while shopping. Our sensational alterations department also has some nifty tricks to help everything stay nipped and tucked. Working in tandem, we will put you in the dress of your dreams.



What you should know about wedding gown lengths

wedding dress bridal shop in Raleigh North Carolina

The length of the wedding gown for any bride is determined by multiple factors. Some of the decision comes down to simple personal choice — different brides have different preferences and their own ideas about what looks good on them. However, there are other external factors that also should be considered for choosing the proper wedding gown length. These include the venue for the wedding, the time of the year and even the time of the day when the wedding will take place. All these factors will help determine the right length of wedding gown a bride should choose for her ceremony.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of wedding gown lengths that are available.

Ballerina length dress

This length of this dress is just above the ankle and it is mostly a full figured dress. This dress is very ideal in an outdoor wedding setting for easier movement of the bride. A ballerina is ideal for a fun-loving bride who likes to explore.

Floor length dress

This dress almost touches the floor on all sides. This length is versatile because it can be designed to a full figure dress and at the same time a straight dress is also perfect. A floor length dress can be worn in a ballroom wedding setting.


The length of this dress is between the knee and ankle. This dress is perfect for a very casual wedding because it is different from the traditionally wedding gown. Brides who want something different can choose this kind of dress.

Ankle length dress

The length of this dress is exactly at the ankle hence the name ankle length. An ankle length dress is perfect for a semi-formal wedding. A bride who wants to show off their shoes and feel comfortable can go for this kind of dress. The dress can be designed as a straight or a full dress.

Knee length gown
The length of this gown is just below the knee. It is suitable for a very casual wedding where the bride wants to feel free. A knee length dress is very uncommon and it seen as a gown for adventurous and daring brides who want to shift from the common norm.

Miniskirt gown

This is even for most daring and sassy bride. The length of this gown is above the knee and very few brides go for this option. This gown is suitable for a very casual wedding event. A mini skirt gown can be worn by a bride during an evening event or as an after-party gown.

Tea length gown

The length of this gown ends at the shin and it is seen as the most conservative wedding gown. This gown is the traditional wedding gown length that majority of the brides all over the world prefer and it can be used for both casual and formal wedding ceremonies.

With various lengths of wedding gowns available brides are now free to choose from the wide variety. Unlike in the past where brides were restricted to the traditional floor length or tea length gown brides can now go out of the box to select a gown that suits their needs. Designers have even made custom gowns that flatter the various body types of women in all of these aforementioned lengths.

How To Choose The Right Veil For Your Wedding Dress


Wondering how to go about choosing a veil for your wedding dress? Veils are iconic bridal accessories and a defining aspect of one’s bridal appearance. Most girls do wear them during the big day. But, given the range of options available on the market, it can be a bit daunting to find the right one. You need to do some homework beforehand and make a careful comparison to select a veil that suits you and your dress. Follow these tips to make the right choice.

1. Consider the material

Veils can be made of a myriad of materials including tulle, satin and lace. Tulle is typically the classic choice for these accessories and is a cheaper alternative to other materials. Further, being a synthetic material, it keeps its shape better and has a lighter look than satin (which otherwise tends to appear rather heavy & hangs straight)

2. Long or short?

One of the most important factors you should consider when shopping for these accessories is length. Shorter veils such as blushers and birdcage give a more personal & informal edge to one’s look. Longer veils like ballet and chapel, on the other hand, take a more traditional and formal approach. To determine the perfect length for you, try to test out several options. You should aim to find a style that not only complements your gown but also your overall silhouette. If you’re unable to find one from the designers, you can consider going the custom route and have one created to your specifications.

3. Color is key

The veil you choose should complement your wedding gown. Brides can choose from several white & ivory shades, beiges and golds. White shades match a perfectly white wedding dress while ivory is ideal for beige or ivory pieces. You can also pick a regular or shimmer finish depending on what suits you. Regular finish is typically matte in appearance while shimmer offers a unique shine that’s particularly clear under lighting.

These bridal accessories usually vary in width, something that creates differences in fullness both at the sides & top. The sleekest version comes with limited fullness and can be a perfect match for a dress that features decorative straps. The moderate one offers good coverage around the arms and is ideal for a simple shoestring strap dress. Moreover, it has a romantic feel than the sleeker version. The widest style has maximum fullness on top and is ideal for those who prefer strapless dresses and wouldn’t mind some coverage around their arms and shoulders. You should, however, note that this veiling may look a bit overdone when worn with a sophisticated dress.

5. Want a one-layer or two-layer?

One layer veils have a very relaxed feel and look good with just about any dress. They are an option for brides who prefer a minimal and informal look without completely eliminating the chic look. On other hand, two-layer veils look especially great with semi-formal/formal gowns although they can be paired with almost all dresses. They are slightly fuller and are an excellent choice for those who want a dramatic, romantic or traditional look.

Finding the right veil for a wedding dress should not be difficult. By keeping in mind a few things, you can have a smooth, hassle-free experience.

The right accessories will enhance your wedding dress

wedding accessories in Raleigh

Your wedding day is nigh, and you can’t help but feel butterflies in your stomach in anticipation for the day you exchange vows with your significant other. You have adequately prepared for the reception and all that remains now is to ensure that you step out of your house to the wedding venue looking like a princess. This is your day, and it’s obvious that all focus will be on you. Now that you have your dream wedding gown ready, you must incorporate the perfect bridal accessories to accentuate your look.

The right accessories will enhance the beauty of your wedding dress. With so many accessories to choose from, it can be quite daunting choosing the right one. How do you go about coming up with the perfect finishing touches to your gown? The following tips will come in handy in helping you make the ultimate decision:

Match your accessories

The jewelry that you choose to buy should match the color of your gown. For example, if you have an ivory dress, it will perfectly match with gold accessories. If you decide to put on a pure white dress, go for platinum accent. Diamond-white dresses will match well with rose gold, pearls, silver and yellow gold. Finally, if the gown of your choice is embellished with beadwork, the accessory colors should be dictated upon the beadwork.

Have only the necessary accessories

The main aim of accessories is to accentuate your overall appearance and beauty. However, if the type of gown you have is embellished with beadwork, it may not be such a good idea to wear too many accessories. You should choose accessories based on the features of your gown. For example, ornate neckline gowns rhyme well with drop earrings as opposed to a necklace. Also, dresses with simple styles look elegant with fascinator or bold statement necklace.

Choosing earrings

The choice of earrings should be based on your hairstyle. Small studs or drops are perfect if you intend to leave your hair down over the ears. Chandelier danglers are great for an updo hairstyle.

Choosing a veil

There are many veils ranging from cathedral-length styles to flirty birdcages to ornate mantillas. When choosing the right veil, you should bear the following in mind:

  • It should match the shade of your gown
  • If you have a backless gown, go for the sheer veil as opposed to the two-layered tulle veil
  • For ladies with a petite frame, floor length or longer waltz veils should be the ideal choice while taller ladies should go for elbow-length/fingertip veils.

A simple way to do this is to buy a sash or a belt. This is the easiest way of customizing your gown without the need to splash a lot of cash for such an alteration. You can either settle for a metallic leather belt or a classic satin sash. However, settle for one that complements your body type and gown and doesn’t exceed 3 inches in width.

Choosing the bridal shoes

Choose a killer pair of shoes that complements your perfect gown but at the same tie makes you comfortable. Remember that you will be required to be on your feet, and you do not want to cringe in pain all this while. Go for shoes made of natural material, supports your feet and is of the moderate heel.

Other important accessories include a handbag, gloves, and headpiece. Ensure that they all complement the dress to give you the polished from head-to-toe look that you want on your most special day.



Consider a colored bridal gown for your wedding


White is no longer the only wedding dress color choice for brides-to-be. Modern brides shouldn’t be shy about experimenting with shades that suit them and make them feel beautiful on the most important day of their lives. If you feel that the traditional white dress is just not you, consider a colored bridal gown for your wedding. It is a trend that is here to stay with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon and Keira Knightley among others, donning a colored gown to walk down the aisle at their wedding.

There is a reason that colored wedding gowns are in vogue and that is the uniqueness that they bring to a wedding ceremony. A colored wedding dress lets the bride celebrate her individuality and leave an exclusive mark at her wedding. Every girl wants that. You also know that you will put more thought and energy on picking your wedding dress than you have on any other attire in your life. Therefore, it makes all the more sense to buy a dress that suits your style, skin tone and makes you the star of the day. Before you start with your wedding shopping, it is important that you keep certain points in your mind.

You obviously have a fair idea as to what color suits you the most. Therefore, pick a hue that complements your skin tone, hair and eyes the best. It should bring out your beauty and you should be confident wearing it. If you do not feel comfortable pick a light color or you can pick a white dress with a hint of your favourite color. You will be taking lots of pictures with your friends and family on that day and these dresses will help you to be more in sync with the theme of the wedding.

You should take into consideration the season of the wedding. Spring weddings could use dainty colors like peach, pink and turquoise. However, if the ceremony falls in the summer months it is preferable to go with brighter shades like yellow and lavender among others. Winters would make for a beautiful wedding dress in an emerald green or a ruby red. The season of the wedding should also play a factor in deciding the fabric of the dress.

The other major influencing factor while picking the color of your dress should be the venue of the wedding. If it is a beach wedding, like in Hawaii, it makes total sense to pick bright and fun colors. However, if the wedding destination is somewhere like Jackson Hole in Wyoming, with open ranches and mountains, light colored dresses would do the trick.

Heads will undoubtedly turn to see a bride donned in a colored dress that accentuates her beauty. The wedding gown also tells a lot about your personality and make sure that you go with a shade that shows your vibrant and unique personality to your guests. Making sure that you are at your best on the most special occasion of your life, will make you glow and give you a lot of fond memories forever.



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